There are a number of necessities in life, food, clothing, shelter, happiness , but as a fashionista, scratch that, as a woman rather, one of the necessities you need is a Little Black Dress or LBD for short.

The little black dress is something every woman should have in her wardrobe. It not only serves multiple purposes but it’s extremely versatile. In fact no one says you should have only one LBD, you have 10, 20, 30, well, depending on your pocket and more importantly, your wardrobe size. The reason why a little black dress is so important is because it’s black, okay I might be putting on my captain obvious hat here but in all honesty black is a colour that will never, I repeat, never in a million years go out of style.

The versatility of the LBD can’t be over emphasized, don’t believe me? well just have a look below, an LBD can be worn both in summer and in winter. Most times, when we think summer, we never think LBD mostly because summer is more associated with bright colours, but because of how versatile the LBD is, it spans across all seasons and climate changes.

From the office to the club, to dinner with the family, summer to winter, the Little Black Dress is every girl’s must have.

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