Lagos, is literally the fun capital of Nigeria and that is why we have curated a list of fun, relatively affordable yet unconventional things to do while in the Center of Excellence.

  1. PAINT BALLING: has grown very popular amongst fun lovers in Lagos state. It is a fun and energetic game that requires a team which makes it great for group outings! Invite everyone!

Paint balling

  1. DANCE CLASSES: Also very energetic and fun, it employs the use of creativity and music allowing you lose yourself on the dance floor.

Kaffy Dance

  1. QUAD BIKE RIDING: This is for lovers of monster terrain vehicles. On the plus side, you wouldn’t get stuck in traffic because you get to enjoy the thrill ride on beautiful sandy shore lines.

Quad bike riding

  1. KAYAKING: is definitely relaxing and stress relieving.  Interacting with nature is always a good idea. Who knows, you might even catch a fish or two while you are at it seeing that Lagos state is popular for it’s water bodies and fishing.

5. YOGA: if you enjoy serenity and being zen then you should try Yoga in Lagos. It is out of the norm and it’s definitely an enjoyable experience especially if you have already done the other things on this list.


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