Frittatas are one of the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing foods in existence. Arguably every lifestyle blogger on existence has published their own twist on Fritattas.

Of course, as Nigerians, we had to put our own twist on the protein-filled wonder and what better addition is there than plantain?  Egg and plantain is already a Nigerian breakfast favorite and the combination of both is unstoppable.
Here is a quick an easy recipe for plantain Fritattas.


3-4 large eggs

Chopped vegetables



Spice to your taste

1-2 large plantains

First of all, slice and fry the plantain and keep aside.
After that, combine the eggs, vegetables, and spices in a bowl and beat thoroughly.

Pour a tablespoon of oil unto a heating pan, coating completely.

Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook on low heat, allowing to cook slowly.
When the egg is nearly set, place the plans it an slices individually on the egg and allow to heat up.
Once the egg and plantain are completely done, remove from pan and serve.


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