Isn’t it truly beautiful when a woman turns tragedy into passion? That is what Ola-Orekunrin Brown did after losing her 12 year old sister to complications from Sickle Cell Anaemia during a vacation in Nigeria. The nearest hospital with sufficient medical facilities was too far away and shockingly, Ola and her family found out that there was no air ambulance service in Nigeria or the whole of West Africa to transport her sister there. Desperate for more information, they discovered an air ambulance service in South Africa which required a twelve-hour activation time. Unfortunately, her sister did not survive those 12 hours. 

In 2010, Ola returned to Nigeria and founded Flying Doctors Nigeria, which provides air ambulances and other medical training services. Its head office is at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. 

Ola’s contribution to the medical field has earned her the following awards among others:

The Future Awards Africa, Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012, Time Magazine Next Generation Leaders 2014, TED Fellowship. 

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