G-Woman Idia Aisien is a Nigerian/Cameroonian Model, TV Presenter and aspiring actress.

Eyes on the prize, Idia went on to get a degree in Journalism from American University in Washington DC and a Masters in International Public Relations from New York University while modelling on the side. Idia is the last of 12 siblings and describes herself as quite the rebel. She loves to travel and has big dreams of philanthropy.

In this interview she shares her view on feminism, relationship with her father, plans for philanthropy and more.


I currently host TV shows on Spice TV. The first is You’ve Got Issues, a lifestyle show that allows people to write in with career, relationship and love-related questions thatmy guests and I tackle. The second show is Style 101, which is Nigeria’s version of Fashion Police, and one of the largest shows on TV. And I also anchor business news on Arise TV.I am also working on more partnerships and philanthropic projects, which are geared toward improving the education system in Nigeria and Poverty education system in Nigeria and Poverty eradication, launching my own line show soon and possibly venturing into acting.


I think that Nigerian is gradually taking its seat at the table of major players in the Global Fashion scene. I am very excited to wear and see so many new exciting designs from very talented minds, as well as models that are gaining a lot of attention outside of Nigeria’s borders. The world hasn’t seen anything yet.


I think every woman should strive to empower herself and have things that she can call her own with regards to achievements. I also believe that since many women are now breadwinners, there should be social and political equality of the sexes. However, should a woman be considered any less of a woman if she chooses to be a housewife or if she prefers to look up to her husband? There’s no right or wrong, but clearly, every woman cannot be a feminist.


My father is my absolute hero. I love him more than words can explain and I believe he’s given me much more than anyone has or could ever give me.

ON WHAT SUCCESS MEANS TO HER Success is getting to a point you become a blessing to others, through your actions or your story. I’m honestly just trying to be relevant in work that I do. For me it’s about Impact and substance! I want people to see my story and believe that anything is possible. I guess I’m also happy if people see as exemplary.


The best advice I ever got was from my sister. She said “Idia, never be too desperate for anything, because when people are desperate they make mistakes. ” That piece of advice has really fueled me to work extremely hard, but to also remember where I came from and who I am, when making decisions.


My number one role model has always been and will always be Oprah Winfrey. Because of her I wrote for all my school papers like The Penn and The Eagle, studied Journalism in College to learn radio and TV broadcasting, reported and edited stories for my schools and church. I also worked with companies like AARP Magazine, Foreign Policy Initiative, FOX 5 News in DC, the Discovery Channel and United Nations. It has been a long road, but her life me that there is no substitute for hard work and persistence. I also love Beyoncé.


Do not wait for people to support you to succeed, because when you succeed people will support you.

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