Dr. Kemi Dasilva Ibru is one woman who selflessly dedicates herself to the wellbeing of women and children, particularly victims of social deprivation. She is a gynecologist and the Founder of Women at Risk International Foundation [WARIF], a rape crisis Centre that offers free medical services and psychosocial counselling to female victims of rape in Nigeria.

The WARIF Centre also offers legal aid to its patients, to ensure that rape perpetrators are brought to book. In addition to legal aid, The WARIF Centre offers less privileged patients vocational empowerment, to help them make the best of their lives.

She also sits as a member of the board of Erelu Adebayo Foundation [ERAF], a Non-Profit Organisation that provides relief and assistance to widows and orphans in Nigeria, particularly in communities where HIV menace and unemployment are on the rise.

Dr. Kemi Dasilva is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. Her selfless contributions to the Nigerian community earned her a spot on NIPRO’s Global Top 40 under 40 Nigeria Female Professionals. She is truly a ray of hope to so many, and we can’t but love her.

In an interview with Tribune Online, she said:

“As a qualified specialist, I have been in private practice in Lagos for over 10 years, where I have dedicated a lot of my time working closely with non-government organisations and related agencies in addressing the prevailing issues of gender based violence, sexual violence and rape of our young girls by offering free medical support and counselling.

I have witnessed firsthand the harrowing effects of this problem on these young girls and women and their communities. These effects are both immediate with health and psycho-social risks as well as long-term societal problems that subsequently occur such as increased illiteracy and lack of adequate education for the girl-child and an increase in the prevalence of new cases of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Challenges faced

The stigmatization and the shroud of silence that surround cases of sexual violence and rape in our communities often times make it difficult for the young girls and women to seek help. She is made to feel guilty and ashamed of this abuse and is reluctant to visit centers like WARIF to get the necessary medical and psycho-social care needed.

Funding is also a huge challenge and one we are constantly seeking. Being a Non-Government Organisation, all our services and initiatives are offered at no cost to the survivors we assist and we rely solely on donor funding from corporate bodies, private organisations and the goodwill of private individuals.”

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