Sandra Aguebor is the founder of the Lady Mechanic Initiative (LMI), the CEO of Sandex Car Care Garage and has been a mechanic for 30 years. Sandra started training to be a mechanic at the age of 14.

She started her empowerment programme training 7 girls and a boy; and overtime, successfully built a network of female mechanics that is fast spreading from city to city in Nigeria. Her LMI is dedicated to training orphans, former sex workers, school dropouts, single mothers and victims of trafficking to become mechanics.

She said :

“When I opened my shop, my name was all over town, “If you go to the Lady Mechanic, your car will be well taken care of …” I started getting [so many] jobs, I could not cope anymore, I had to employ somebody”, she told Aljazeera. That birthed the idea of an empowerment programme, “I thought why not start empowering women to be mechanics so that they can open up their own shops…”


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