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Betty Irabor

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Helllloooo world! This is the day the Lord has made ! Genevieve is 15!! Here are 15 lessons GENEVIEVE taught me 1. Keep Fanning the flame of your passion. There will be days that you will feel drained of all the passion that you started out with but you must continue to place new coal in the fire to keep the flame burning. It’s your passion for what you do that will sustain the vision. 2.disrupt Status Quo.. The fact that it’s never been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Until you do it, it’s not done yet. Defy stereotypes 3.Guard your Values jealously( integrity matters, don’t pawn yours) 4.Never forget that there cannot be rainbows without rain.. learn to dance in the rain while waiting for the rainbows. 5.The world owes you nothing.. free yourself of that sense of entitlement and you will feel less disappointed every time you feel betrayed 6.Tell the world a lie, but tell yourself the truth 7.You are only as good as your last victory. 8,Don’t underestimate your competitors even if they seem “not all that” 9You don’t have to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things. Nobody was born legend! 10,Etch your name in hearts not on faces. 11.Do it Afraid 12.whenever you wake up is your morning 13You need blind faith to walk on water . Don’t doubt, Peter doubted and began to sink. 14.You can ride the storm because God is always in the storm. 15. Don’t be afraid to let go of those who no longer bring value into your life Remain humble. Give back. Take care of you. Stay fab, don’t hate; hating takes too much effort . Makeup @houseoftara_intl Outfit @enthystfashionklinik 📷 @eleanorgoodeyphotography #G15 #consistency #genevievemagazine #tenacity #lifelessons #lifelessonswithbetty #bettyirabor #life #love #Godfactor #lifestyle #morningdew #winning #grace #favour #Gteam

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Fourteen years ago, at the age of nineteen, after rejecting a job offer as a waiter at a sports bar (I did work there for a day though), I walked into the Genevieve magazine offices on Raymond Njoku to apply for a job as a junior reporter. This was in 2004, a year after the magazine launched. I had no appointment or interview, and no prior job experience, but asked to see the editor at the time, Toyin Eriye, who told me she’d let me know if anything came up. Two weeks later, I got a call from Mrs. Eriye to come in for an interview and I got the job, but first, I had one test before the final confirmation, which was to interview the talented actress, Bimbo Akintola, for a section called In-Person. I still remember how nervous I was, I had written out all my questions and was reading directly from my sheet. My mum (God bless her) had driven me to the interview and was right there with me for moral support. This was my first job ever, except for my one-day job as a waiter of course.

All through my years at the magazine, I had to prove myself as I was the youngest at the time. I learned the importance of editing my work and the ethics of team spirit, I also learned the harsh realities of publishing in Nigeria. It was a great journey that’s brought me to where I am today, and I don’t know what direction my life would have taken had I not been given the opportunity. One of the things I had to do was also attend events with the photographer at the time, Wale Ademokoya, and get the names of everyone he photographed. This was, I think one of my most terrifying times as a shy 19-year-old me would walk up to people asking for their names and they’d barely even look at me.

At Genevieve, you had to be good at everything or at least be open to learning new things, you couldn’t just be good at one thing, it just wasn’t enough. Two years later, after the departure of the then fashion editor, Yinka Omage, I was asked to fill her shoes, which was very exciting for me, but also very scary. The longer I stayed at Genevieve, the closer I became to Mrs. Irabor, whom at first, I thought was unapproachable and terrifying. But that was all in my head as I later got to find out that, contrary to what I thought, she was the complete opposite. She never made any junior staff feel like their opinions didn’t count at editorial meetings, everyone mattered, everyone had a voice. Even though we didn’t always agree, I respected her opinions, and she respected mine. She did encourage every one of us to have a point of view, even if it didn’t necessarily align with hers.

Unfortunately, I had to leave in 2007, but as you all know, I came back in 2013 and became the editor. For me, this was like coming back home to my long-lost family, and honestly, it felt good to be back to edit the magazine, which had given me my first opportunity as a 19-year-old, it was a dream come true. I can’t believe I’ll be turning 35 in five months, what a difference 14 years can make. Thank you, Mrs. Irabor, for giving me my first opportunity. Thank you for building such an amazing brand, and most of all thank you for always pushing me to be a better version of myself and believing in me when you had no reason to. Happy 15th anniversary to the entire Gteam!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Osho

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I spent 4 years working at Genevieve Magazine! @genevievemagazine It’s actually the only life I knew here in Nigeria till I took the entrepreneurial walk ! When I joined, Genevieve was celebrating its 10th year! I can’t believe it’s 15 years of Genevieve now! The countless opportunities this incredible platform has given me and so many others….. 🙌🏾🙌🏾The amount of break through stars that Genevieve gave a platform in various fields! Oh the parties!!! I was on every body’s invite list whilst working at Genevieve ( it was hard work o galavanting every event, but I miss it small 😅) All the traveling I got to do whislt working at Genevieve choi, it was epic! Because I didn’t need a visa to travel to most places – I could always ‘save the day’ with any last minute travel opportunity) I even travelled 1st class to Spain on a work trip about 10 days to my wedding!! I stayed at the Arts Hotel in Barcelona!!! It was everything! Anyway, I digress….. I have so many awesome memories from my time as a working G.Team member (I’m now a honorary member ) …. Even through storms, we wear our G.team badge with honor. So thank you for the opportunity ma @bettyirabor Congratulations on 15 amazing years @genevievemagazine – now I see that it is no easy feat running a business in Nigeria. So 15 years !!! Wow! I salute! Here’s to many more!! #wearingPinkForGenevieve #GenevieveAt15

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