Hyper- pigmentation simply put is the discoloration of some parts of your body mostly the face as a result of excessive production of melanin. It is evidenced by dark patches on your skin different from the normal skin colour. There are several causes of hyper-pigmentation however; the pre-dominant cause is the sun.

Thankfully, there are products to remedy and even prevent hyper-pigmentation.

Been dealing with this or just dread the thought? Here are my top tips for dealing with and preventing hyper-pigmentation:

  1. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 25. This I cannot overemphasise! Protect yourself from the sun, there’s nothing like black girls don’t need sunscreen, let’s just clear the air on that.Image result for black girl using sun screen
  2.  Incorporate chemical peels in your skincare routine. I mean safe chemicals (AHAs and BHAs). As opposed to mechanical exfoliation (the conventional use of scrubs) chemical peels help peel off the dead surface of the skin. Glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid are common examples. There are however some mixes that incorporate more than one AHA/BHA in their peeling solutions. I currently use a lactic acid peeling solution from the ordinary which is a great entry level peeling solution. Even though I think my skin has outgrown it and I need something more concentrated (lol). Please ensure to carry out a patch test first to be sure your skin is fine with it.Image result for chemical peel on dark skin
  3. Explore the use of Arbutin (I currently use an alpha arbutin with hyaluronic acid serum), Vitamin C serums or derivative solutions. They work magic as they help fade spots and brighten your skin.
  4. Incorporate natural ingredients in your regimen (You really did not think I was only going to talk about acids, did you? Lol) Try as much to stick to soaps and toners with natural ingredients. It’s okay for them to also have fruit acids (AHA/BHA) though. My top recommendation for toners is simply pure rosewater. Then for face wash/body wash, My top 2 picks will be the brightening black soap paste from Nubian roots and the black soap paste with lemon juice from natural Nigerian. Turmeric pastes as masks help too
  5. Be Patient darling, it will take some time to heal, it’s not rocket science. One of my clients whom I have worked with for 1 month mentioned to me that she liked the results on her skin but her pigmentation had not gone yet and then I shared how I myself got fed up on treating my skin when someone else mentioned to me that my skin was way  better. It literally took someone to make me realise that I was getting results!

This is so long! I hope you followed through and found this helpful. You can always reach out if you need further help. I’ll be glad to be of help. Besides, are you currently treating hyper pigmentation? What are you using?

P.S: I got my serums from @beautyfrenzyshop on instagram, just looking out for you if you need to get.

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