We’ve romanticised Valentine’s Day to include chocolates, roses, champagne, foreign getaways, grand gestures of lavish spending and the time many throw grand marriage proposals. Let’s not forget that the gifting industry has become a massively lucrative sector. The giant teddies, carefully packed boxes of caramel stuffed chocolates and card all bring in lots of cash. Even tickets to exotic destinations will become overpriced almost overnight. Has your wallet experienced that same explosion? Even if you’ve seen a boost in your account balance, squandering funds just for one night does not seem wise. In this age of economic recession, we all have to take control of our financial lives. For some, that may mean taking it down a notch. And that’s perfectly fine. Realise that Valentine’s doesn’t have to disrespect your bank account or make your wallet cry. We’ve gotten to used to spoiling others with money at the expense of financial stability.


valentine's day on a budget

Couple having a romantic dinner at the beach

Here are ways to save money this Valentine’s Day.


What are your favorite local delicacies thatyou haven’t had in a long time? You can have it catered or buy from your favorite buka. Or you can actually cook it together with your spouse and make beautiful memories. Nothing says we’re in this together like seeing your strong handsome man pound yam while you add the seasonings to a steaming pot of Afang soup. Or roasting corn and ube in the oven.


Have a picnic at a park. Take affordable drinks and snacks. Explore scenery and have wallet respecting fun! Or you can cover your windows, turn off the lights,get some popcorn (there’s always someone selling guguru ati epa around), get some new movies), and laugh the night away. Not every Valentine’s day champagne, sometimes, you
can try some grape juice.


Although everyone wants to spend alone time with their significant other, sometimes double dating adds a little spice to your Valentine’s. Meeting other couples allows you to be able to see your relationship objectively. What’s more, you guys can actually agree to split the costs! Somehow, having everything on one bill and splitting it four ways
makes it so much cheaper.


The first two months of the year are usually tough. Think of them as a free trial for the rest of the year. So if February
looks financially blue, why don’t you try postponing Valentine’s to another time? You can choose your paid leave, your partner’s birthday or even your anniversary. Valentine’s Day is about showing love to the love of your life, showering him or her with gifts, and lots more. Saint Valentine’s did not create a handbook for celebrating love. So why does your Valentine’s Day have to be cliche? We would all like an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic destination, a shopping spree, a fancy five-star restaurant. Sometimes you fantasiSe about heading to Bora Bora, but your wallet tells you to take a stroll. Don’t despair. Just remember being broke is temporary, but your memories will last forever.

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