Ezinne Alfa is an award winning beauty blogger, influencer & entrepreneur. Founder of www.BeautyInLagos.com, an online destination for all things beauty, in Nigeria. It comprises of a blog, a beauty directory (BeautyDirectoryNG) and a subscription-only discount service (BeautyClubNG). Launched in January 2012, as a blog positioned to share all that the city of Lagos had to offer in terms of beauty, BiL has evolved into the No. 1 online destination for beauty in Nigeria. Over the years BiL has worked on collaborations and partnerships with a host of distinguished international and local brands such as: Carolina Herrera, M.A.C., Inglot, Shea Moisture, Ford Motors, Orly, Le Chat, Beauty Africa Exhibition, Maybelline New York , House of Tara, Zaron and Montaigne Place, just to name a few. In March 2017, BeautyInLagos was listed by Invicta Africa & SME100 Nigeria as one of the “100 Most Innovative Female-Owned Businesses in Nigeria”. We get up-close with the woman behind the brand.


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Current playlist: What a Beautiful Name by Brooke Ligertwood, Joromi by Simi, Incredible by Future, For Life by Runtown & Wild Thoughts by Rihanna.

Life is better with? Pink, well-mannered people, well-groomed people, suya.

Pet Peeves? Poor personal-hygiene, having to go out in the rain, running, having to be out in the Sun.

Favourite workout routine? Walking.

You would be nothing without? God, my wallet…

You are the go to girl for? Beauty recommendations, make-up and manicures.

You would start a war for? My family.

Last person you texted? My sister. I sent her a link to something hilarious that I found on the internet.

If we could watch tv with you? It would be reality TV. The only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Wags, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Life of Kylie, The Real House Wives franchise, Love & Hip-Hop Franchise, Basketball Wives, Baller Wives, etc. I feel scripted shows these days are way too serious or boring. Life is already hard enough, so reality tv is my escape from my reality Laughs).

Beauty trick? Applying a liquid illuminator on my skin before I apply my foundation, or even mixing it in with my foundation then applying it to my skin. It gives your base this ‘glowfrom-within’ finish. Subtle, but definitely noticeable.

Red carpet beauty queen? I’d say Kylie Jenner. She delivers the TOTAL beauty package on the red carpet from her hair to her makeup and even her manicure. People tend to forget that beauty encompasses everything, but Kylie definitely remembers to have all angles covered. My favourite look from her was of the 2017 Met Gala, with the platinum blonde hair.

Instagram beauty trends that need to stop? Squiggly Brows, brow stencils

Favourite place to shop in Lagos? • Fashion- Maju. • Beauty- BeautyRevNG. • Home décor- Nissi Interiors Luxe. • Art- My friend Simi’s house. She and her husband curate the most amazing pieces.

Smart shopping is? A mix for me: Labels for my accessories (bags, shoes, jewellery, belts, etc.) and High Street for clothes. Personal style? Laid-back, on trend, stylish.

You would happily swap closets with? Winonah Dejong

Days off work are spent? Binge-watching reality shows while I eat suya.

Guilty pleasure? British tabloids.

Oddest job you ever took? Selling telephone plans to shop owners along a high-street in London (Don’t ask) Best city? London.

Man Crush Everyday? Haven’t really got one.

Favourite Instagram handles? Winonah Dejong for her style, Melissa Andre for her dope event styling, Conna Walker for her work ethic & Shayla Mitchell for makeup inspiration.

You know way too much about? The Mercedes G-Class (AMG G63) I can tell when it drives past without looking and I’m always right. I know what the engine sounds like. I mean like.. precise!

Best way to get out of an awkward situation? Stay silent and then walk away.

If your life was a movie title? Actually it would be a poem by Maya Angelou- Still I Rise.

Quotes so relevant to your life? Meet a need in such a unique way that wealth is the by-product – Johnny Enlow.

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