Picture this: you’be been speaking to a nice gentleman for a few weeks. Your emotional connection is off the charts and from his pictures, he’s the total package. You finally agree to meet up and pick a time and place. You get all dolled up and head out. The moment finally arrives and he walks in….all of him. You’re taken aback. He didn’t seem so short/ tall in the pictures. You blink a few times and compose yourself. Can this work? You look like a child/giant standing next to him!

Actually, height differences between couples aren’t all that uncommon. While statistically, you’re more likely to end up with someone within 3 inches of you, there is the possibility of finding a partner who is significantly taller or shorter than you. Some women even prefer having a taller or shorter partner (though it’s usually the former). So what do you o when faced with this situation? Well, there are are many ways to get around it.

1. Heels: in the case of your significant other being much taller than you, you might end up looking like his daughter rather than girlfriend when you step out together. Heels are your best friend in this case as they help to even out the gap. In the case of your significant other being shorter, you might want to avoid heels when out together. Or don’t. Some couples find the height difference attractive and don’t want to bridge the gap.

2. Find creative ways to show PDA: one of the times where the height difference will be most prominent is when you want to show affection. How do you give a surprise hug or kiss when your significant other is a foot taller/shorter?. The get around this, try initiating PDA when you are sitting down and when your faces are closer. Alternatively, embrace the difference and hug their torso instead. Or stand on tiptoe for a cute, picture-worthy kiss.

3. Play it up in pictures: one of the biggest advantages of a height difference is being able to play it up in photos. Take photos with the taller person’s hand on the shorter person’s head. Look up at them in photos.

4. Embrace it: so what if there is a height difference?  You are with this person because you love them. So, embrace your God-given differences. Have them pick up things on high shelves for you (or do that for them). For Halloween, go ages characters that play on the height difference. Playfully tease them about it and hold their hand with pride while in public. Trust us, it’s quite adorable.

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