Do you feel like you don’t get out enough? Many people do. In a world where we celebrate the outgoing, being that person who stays in all the time and isn’t in touch with the scene.


If you’ve decided that you need to get out more, here are some steps to help you.

First of all, you should make sure to step out of your shell in small doses. If you hardly go out, going out seven nights in a row out of the blue will likely overwhelm you and burn you out. Instead, start out by making sure you go out at least once a week. Slowly work that up to twice a week until you find a pattern you are comfortable with.


Also, you should start with places you are comfortable in and then begin exploring places you might be comfortable with. If you’re a stay at home on a quiet night person, start by going to quiet and comfortable locations like lounges and galleries. You might not want to go to a nightclub with lots of people and loud music makes you anxious.

Also, recruit a trusted friend who is more outgoing than you to help you ease into going out more. They will be able to recommend places you would like and it will be a great help having someone you’re familiar with around you.

All in all, make sure you are actually having fun with what you are doing and don’t take anything too seriously. Don’t force yourself to go out for the sake of going out if you aren’t enjoying yourself. Always remember that there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay in.


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