One of the greatest things about eye-shadow is that it can be the boldest part of a makeup look and completely take center stage. Gone are the days of dull, barely-there eyeshadow, now eyeshadow is an art form in itself these days.


A new concept of eyeshadow that is gaining popularity around the club scene and festivals is glow-in-the-dark eyeshadow.

This look is (obviously) not for the daytime or to be used in the light. To be honest, it’s not a look that’s for everyone and you pretty much need an occasion to rock the look.


For Friday nights, the shades you use can coordinate with your outfit or be the center of attention. If you choose to take the look to a festival, it would be best to coordinate with the overall look.


The beauty of glow-in-the-dark makeup is that it isn’t limited to eyeshadow. There are entire lines of lipsticks, mascaras and nail polishes that can come together to give you the ultimate glow.




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