Wedding, landscape and events photographer George Okoro is one of Nigeria’s best. He graduated from Igbinedion University with a degree in Economics and Development studies and then went on to school at The New York Institute of Photography.
He is one of the most sought after photographers and has worked with several A-list personalities both home and abroad.
He added to his list of achievements when he launched his lifestyle Magazine August of 2017 in Abuja.

We caught up with the award winning photographer to chat about his work and his hopes for wedding photography in Nigeria.

What words would you use to describe the experience of photographing a Nigerian wedding?

Pleasing, splendid, delightful, breathtaking, astonishing, amazing, bewildering, overwhelming, demanding, tough, taxing and difficult. It’s everything in one. You are enjoying through the hassle.

What has been the most unusual request you’ve ever had?

I have loads of funny requests from couples, and sometimes their parents. I remember a bride’s mum showing me pictures of a bride I photographed in 2014 and asked me to make sure her daughter looks better. Another funny request was when a bride asked me to make her curvy in all pictures.

What is the most outrageous price slash that a client has ever requested?

Almost everyone wants a discount right? Just recently I met a client that wanted a 70% discount because she knew me before I started as a Photographer. I have taken a wedding gig for almost nothing because the bride expressed how much she loves my work and she was willing to move her wedding date just to accommodate my schedule. I was touched by her kind words and my team and I decided to document her wedding at a ridiculous discount.

Biggest frustrations faced as a wedding photographer in Nigeria?
As much as I love shooting weddings in Nigeria, it does come with its share of frustrations. One that really frustrates me is when you have multiple photographers and media houses photographing one wedding. I have shot a wedding with over 40 media people in one reception hall, all struggling and fighting to capture the same images. This completely takes away from the beauty of the wedding ceremony and my images will have so many distractions in the background and you can’t even design a decent wedding album with those images.

Another thing that beats me is when guests at a wedding leave their seat and come to join us to photograph the wedding. Sometimes you see other vendors’ staff also queuing up to record the wedding on their mobile phones. You end up with so many tacky looking images that cannot make the wedding album.

The best part of the job?
The best part of my job is seeing the joy I bring to people’s faces and how much my work can help in strengthening the bond between families. Being part of so many love stories is such a beautiful thing to experience all the time. I also enjoy that I get to meet people and expand my network.

What are your future plans or hopes for wedding photography in Nigeria?

The wedding photography space in Nigeria is looking very good now with a lot of new wedding photographers. I see a future where wedding photographers understand the true value of their service and put a good price to it. There is a lot of attention to weddings now in Nigeria and most of these stories are told with the beautiful images we create as wedding photographers. I also see Nigerian wedding photographers dominating the space across Africa by shooting a lot of weddings across African countries.

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