Timi Dakolo

About 11 years ago, singer Timi Dakoko emerged the winner of West Africa Idols and ever since then, there’s been no looking back.

Timi Dakolo has not always had life easy but one way or the other, he found a way to maintain consistency while seeking better ways to enhance his craft.

Timi Dakolo’s song “Great Nation” which he released in 2012 will forever be imprinted on the memory of Nigerians as one of a kind. He is also one of the Judges on The Voice Nigeria.

Worthy of note also, is how devoted Timi is to his family. He has shown that raising and scolding children well can be achieved with love, attention, and even humuor.

Timi Dakolo is not only a good father, his genuine love and care for his wife is a topic constantly on the tongues of many.

In all, this is a man who has dared all odds. He deserves some accolades, don’t you think?

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