Mawuli Gavor is a Ghanaian born TV presenter, actor, producer and entrepreneur. He graduated with a degree in Business Management & Finance from Pennsylvania, beginning his professional career as an accountant before changing paths after being offered a brand ambassadorship from Martini in Ghana and Nigeria.

Mawuli’s first job was with the IT department of Pennsylvania University fixing computers. Then he took a job as an accountant.

In an interview with Genevieve Magazine, he shared why he switched from accounting to a career in the entertainment industry:

“Being an accountant was never my dream or something I was particularly passionate about. It was simply a job that made sense for me. I was still working my full time job when I did my first major ad campaign. I’d just started hosting a TV show.

“I was offered what would have amounted to a year’s salary; working as an accountant, basically to have my image used on a campaign, to be fundamentally me. In that moment it became evident what I could do if I allowed myself to explore. I believe in working had butbi believe more in making smart choices.”

Mawuli has starred in movies like : Devil in the Detail, The Eve, Payday, 3nights ago, Rumour has it. He co-hosts 53 Extra on Africa Magic, and is currently working on a new movie titled Chief Daddy the Movie