Sometimes in our lives, we get to a place where we simply must Be Still so we can hear the small voice Calm. And in that state, we address our inner beings. “Is this it?” At a time like that, there just seems to be a void; a missing link. And as long as it doesn’t add up, we are like doughnut with a gaping hole in the middle. We drift on a raft. For more than six months, I played solitaire and waited to hear that still small voice of calm; I needed to make sense of too many things that were going on in my head. I wanted to go on to the next level.
Genevieve was not challenging enough and the Pink Ball had run its course. I wanted to pull those plugs and chart a new course but He remained silent. The good thing is, in that state of quietude, I embraced me and told myself “STOP IT” you don’t have to do things because you want to please others, you don’t have to go to places you really don’t want to go. I told myself. “Say No when you need to and Yes only because you feel like it. I needed to close some doors and open new ones. I did. No more people pleasing! Growing old or older doesn’t give any one monopoly of wisdom and sometimes it takes forever to grasp the reality. Going forward? Change my attitude!

When I began to say No when I should and YES because I could, I began to feel that positive energy. I love what I do but putting myself first has become priority. Now I say “Take care of Betty first”, I understand perfectly well that the world will carry on regardless of anyone. Look at the people we recently lost… Tayo Aderinokun, Nike Shonibare and Dr Orija’s death is still a shock. My time out gave me a chance to hang out with Betty, travel and reflect on the last eight years of my life. Some left me sober and many left me amused. No one gets anywhere by holding on to what could or would have been; it’s a drain. But one must let experience be a teacher.

That said and done, I am happy to be back here even more so that this page is now sponsored by one of the first indigenous companies in Nigeria; producers of Suppy condiment and Daily Need toothpaste. Imagine that when a decision was being taken about the best magazine for their brand affiliation, it was a receptionist who tilted the scale in our favour. The senior executives couldn’t believe her passion for morning dew and Genevieve. She has never missed a copy even at 1000 naira, they said. It was an emotional moment for her when I autographed a copy of my book for her and then posed with her for a picture. To think that we are signing a contract because, with all due respect, a front desk staff made her voice heard. That also says a lot about her bosses; how many bosses would have heard her out? The lesson here is; you never know whom God is going to use in your favour.
Remember that God didn’t appear through the thunder, lightning and fire but through the ‘Still Small Voice’. Our fate can be determined by those we look down on. Guess what? It’s been favour galore for Genevieve and its still raining favour as my STYLE team and I jetted off to New York Fashion week in grand style… oh Arik blew us away in their stylish plane. It was red carpet right from the moment we checked in until we touched down at JFK. Oh dear; oh my, Arik’s business class is luxury meets cutting edge. New York Fashion week was awesome but I leave that to Ohimai and his team. Oh, I did stop by the London Fashion week where Bunmi Koko put up an exemplary show and I took time out and went on a 7 day health retreat courtesy of a friend… Thanks.
Here’s thanking our silent benefactor to New York; thank you most kindly sir. You came through for us and He will come through for you. Kudos to my clothiers to the fashion week; Mimi, Iconic in Vanity, Kinabuti and Ghana’s Adoley…Can’t tell you how the clothes rocked and all the oooohs and ahhhhhs that they elicited. If I collected a dollar for all the compliments I got in those swags I would be listed in Forbes 100 richest women. Ha Ha!
Morning dew is back and I am good to go again!

This was first published in Genevieve magazine, Fashion and style Issue 83, 2011.

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