Friday night is many couples’ date night: that night when you and the one you love go out to enjoy yourself, keep the spark alive and look hot. Date night is often a way to recapture the flame of early relationships bliss and most women go all out to look good for themselves. And in the spirit of independence, we’re going to show you how to rock the green and white look and slay while doing it.


  • Cutouts: Few things are sexier than a cutout dress. Green is a sharp color that really draws the eye in and wearing a green dress with cutouts draws attention to certain body parts while keeping the focus on the dress overall.


  • High slit: A high slit is a powerful, bold statement and is downright glamorous. The slight (or not so slight) peep of a let is a classic look that wins even in green.



  • Green With Envy: Who says you have to wear a dress? Show off that figure with a daring jumpsuit and watch the heads turn.

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