Blessing Fortune Kwomo is the founder of De Rehoboth Therapeutic Studio, which she founded just after her 19th birthday. A home-based health care service offering holistic approach to healthcare, De Rehoboth Therapeutic Studio addressed the root causes of illnesses and empowers low-income families through education to live healthier within the context of their environment.

Raised in a village in Kano State, Blessing was often at the hospital because she was always unable to fully recover in her home when she was ill due to poor living conditions and environment, which is always susceptible to diseases. As she grew up, she noticed people around her passed through the same challenges of sickness, treatment and relapse. She also saw how women died every minute from pregnancy and complications during childbirth and she decided she wanted to make a change.

So, Blessing decided to create an alternative healthcare solution that would support all aspects that contribute to individual total wellness. Thus, De Rehoboth Therapeutic Studio was founded on the 2nd of October, 2014. It is an intervention to encourage the well being of low income families in Nigeria and to make sure that childbirth is safer, the infection rate is reduced and women have the essential kits for a smooth delivery.

Blessing allows her clients to make payment in instalments and she also partnered with experts to train the families on bead-making and sewing, so as to increase their income. This is because the majority of her clients are low-income earners.

De Rehoboth Therapeutic Studio also organises training for communities on healthy living, personal hygiene and STD.

We celebrate Blessing and hope that she her story inspires to pursue your dreams of being a business owner.

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