Derin Fabikun is the Creative Director of the popular women’s fashion brand, Fablane by Derin, which focuses on ready to wear and custom pieces. She attended Covenant University, where she bagged a BSc in Management. Fablane by Derin is known for her unique crafty and architectural take on design. Like most in her field, designing for her started as a hobby. Back in university, she made clothes for herself then it graduated to making tunics for her sisters, then friends and friends of friends.


Why ‘Fablane by Derin’ and what year was the brand born?

Back in University, my close friends called me Miss Fab. I’d like to believe it’s because I was stylish but it was probably because my last name is Fabikun. I added Lane because it’s a continuous journey and i included my First name, Derin, for originality.The brand was born in 2011

What’s your style inspiration?
I get my style inspiration from any and everything. When I’m not working, I’m always almost absent minded because I’m thinking of how to merge so many ideas into one. Most of all, I gain inspiration from the bodies of women – it’s so beautiful how we are all shaped differently.

How about your highpoints?
One of note, was when we were recognised as a Trailblazer in the fashion industry by the National Association of Polytechnic Students and we received a letter from the Presidency commending our work.

Who is the ideal Fablane woman?

The Fablane woman is young, spirited and confident! She isn’t afraid to express herself and doesn’t mind being the centre of attention.

What can we expect from a Fablane piece?
Our clothes are comfortable, elegant, and can go from day to night. We always try to create pieces that can suit or be modified to suit all body types.

How do you want women to feel when wearing Fablane?
Like a million bucks! I always want women to feel the amount of love that went into producing their pieces.

What is the best part about being a designer?

As a designer, I love seeing a design go from sketch to reality. I also love how my Fablane women light up with excitement during their fitting. Also, I’m a perfectionist,so I spot the minor issues even the clients don’t see during fittings.

Which celebrity would you like to see in Fablane?
Rita Dominic

Favourite travel destination?

Santorini Greece

Trend’s come and go every day, what will you never be caught wearing?
I’m a risk taker, so I’m always willing to be adventurous with my dressing.

Worst day at work?
I always try to stay positive even during a not so great day. Not sure I have had an uncontrollably horrible day.

It’s the year 2028, where are you now? And what is your brand doing?

High street in New York and Paris.

This interview was first published in Genevieve Magazine September Issue. Download Digital Copy Download Digital Copy

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