Ijeoma Ndukwe is a doctor turned entrepreneur popularly known as Nwanyi Akamụ (an Igbo term used to describe a woman that sells Pap) or Iyaologi (Yoruba term for a woman that sells Pap) because of her food processing business, Bubez Foods.

Her flag ship product Bubez pap is extra-fortified and comes in 12 different modifications. Strawberry Flavored, Plain Yellow, Plain White, Vanilla Flavored with groundnut and soybeans and 4 variants with ginger. Bubez pap is now available in several locations in Nigeria, US and UK With the head office located in Abuja, Bubez foods has over 30 vendors selling their product in several States in Nigeria including: Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Warri and still extending to cover more cities.

She tells her story; “So here I was in 2012, neck deep in debt running my store. People will buy stuff on credit, bad debts were rising and it was crippling my business cash flow and threatening the existence and survival.

I went to God in prayer, seeking an answer to my problem, and it came from 2 Kings 4:2 AMP Version that says: ‘What do you have in your house of sale value?’ And within a twinkling of an eye, I saw Akamu in my fridge because it was a staple for my kids before they turned 2.

I realised at that moment that a lot of mothers would love to give their kids and family pap but the stress of processing, coupled with stress from work wouldn’t allow let them have pap as an option. I decided to bridge that gap.

However, hygiene has always been a major challenge forcing many mothers to make their own pap at home, and for those who can’t, have to rely on other choices like custard for their family.

Bubez Pap is hygienically produced and packaged and contains no additives and preservatives. The fact that it comes in 12 variants is an added benefit as well as there is bound to be a flavour your child would enjoy.”

There is no stopping for Ijeoma. She is determined to not only make it work, but also make sure that every home makes use of her products, both locally and internationally

In her words, “In the next ten years, I see Bubez foods as a leader in the foods processing industry with a huge export market share and a household name. We are setting things in place and getting ready as a takeover brand.

We hope Ijeoma’s story inspires you to start where you are, with what you have and grow it to what you truly desire.

Culled from Guardian

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