G-Woman Gbemisola Anthonia Adefuye fondly known as Toni Tones is an actress, singer, songwriter and an award winning photographer. Toni literally does it all.

Her early education started out at Queen’s college in Lagos Nigeria before jetting off to the UK to bag a degree in Marketing and Economics at the University of Lancaster.

Upon her return, she decided to be a show business photographer. She has had a steady run in the Nigerian show business scene and still engages in photographic work in front and behind the camera.

She is a prominent actress in Nollywood and has featured in several projects like Royal Hibiscus Hotel, Rumour Has It, It’s Her Day and most recently King Of Boys. Her role in the Kemi Adetiba film had all those who were present at the premiere gushing over her performance.

In a quick chat, Toni shared her thoughts on feminism with us :

As an adult female in Nigeria, I wish I was told that I would be operating within a system that works against me as opposed to for me. I’m ashamed that in my country, I am still forced to deal with my rights being overlooked, that my personal achievements are second guessed just because of my gender, and all together, I’m overlooked if I am not married.

As women, we are expected to be achievers just as long as we play small, fit in a box and dont break the traditional barriers of expectations placed on us. My message to women everywhere is this. Break the mold, shatter barriers and glass ceilings while being exactly who you are. You don’t have to become who you are not to meet up to a criteria society has set for you.

Be bold, be fearless, be soft, be hard, be beautiful, don’t care about your looks, get married, stay single, be a house wife, be a working mom, chase your dreams, do whatever you want. Live your best life on your own terms, because that is what you deserve. God bless women everywhere.

We definitely can’t wait to see how well our G-Woman pulled off her role when it’s out in the cinemas.

Photo credit : Akhidenor Ernest @shotbyernest

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