Having a crush on a co-worker is hardly unusual or strange. Just like crushes on classmates were a normal and inevitable part of going to school, finding someone you work with attractive is very likely to happen.


It’s a tricky subject as some people see office crushes as counterproductive and bound to end badly. They don’t have to, actually and can be easily managed.


The first thing you want to do is define what exactly you are feeling. Are you developing genuine romantic feelings for this person that could end in a relationship? Is it strictly your hormones playing tricks on you? Do you just need some minor distraction in form of some eye candy? Knowing what exactly you are feeling can help prevent confusion and potentially awkward situations.



After you’ve figured out what you are feeling, your next step would be figuring out how you plan to proceed with your feelings. Some people have a strict policy of not dating anyone they work with. Others don’t mind it. If you don’t want to pursue anything, keeping your emotions in check is key. If you do want to pursue a potential relationship, that comes with its own unique set of challenges.

First of all, it must be noted that your feelings should not affect your work in any way. Just as your crush on that boy in secondary school didn’t imply that you could not pay attention in class and do his homework for him, having a crush on a co-worker does not imply that you should slack off at work or give them unnecessary passes.

If a relationship is formed, keeping your personal and professional life separate can be tricky, but that’s a topic for another day.

If you intend to let your feelings end as a crush, it’s best to not make things uncomfortable in any way. Gawking to the point of making the person feel uncomfortable or inappropriate flirting could potentially get you in trouble or in a meeting with HR.

Office crushes can be anything from harmless to catastrophic depending on how they are handled, but professionalism, maturity, and honesty are always the way to go.

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