You have worked so hard, been consistent about achieving that goal and now, it’s time you take a step back and relax. What better way to do that than a fun weekend getaway with your girlfriends to relax and recenter.

Well, we’ve got you covered with some great spots for just that. Whether you prefer active get-aways or serene environments, our round up has something for everyone.

1.  Find Serenity at the Luxurious Kajuru Castle in Kaduna

Kajuru Castle is located in the Kajuru local government area of Kaduna and it is surrounded by hills in a somewhat isolated area. The Castle is styled in a European and clearly German way with a baronial hall, complete with suits of armour.

The most attractive part of the facility is the open courtyard with its magnificent large swimming pool, complete with a barbeque area that includes an outdoor oven.

The rooms are spread across the castle’s three floors which feature four dungeon rooms, a central building with an authentic knights’ hall and a masters bedroom. All rooms are fitted with air conditioners, televisions, sofas, beds and private bathrooms, as well as a dragon tower well guarded by ‘dragons’.

Guests can either bring or plan for their meals or ask the management to make an arrangement with food service providers in town, who will make deliveries at an extra cost. However, guests can choose to use the castle’s sufficiently equipped kitchen. The BBQ spot beside the pool offers a wide range of grilling, baking, roasting and barbequing opportunities.

2. Hike the Trails of Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar. 

One of the finest resorts Nigeria has to offer is Obudu Cattle Ranch, located in the highlands of Cross River State.

This resort center has grown to become a major destination choice for tourists. It has an attractive landscape and its cloud covered peaks and valleys make for breathtaking moments. The resort is notable for having Africa’s longest cable ride which extends from the bottom of the mountain through an extremely winding road to the top of the resort.

To get to the resort, you can either drive from the bottom of the hill which takes about 25 minutes, or the the 6-minuted cable car ride.  We strongly suggest the cable car ride. The view is unparalleled and the photo ops are myraid.

From standard rooms to presidential suites and private chalets, there is something for everyone and every budget. There are loads of fun outdoor activities like swimming (the resort has two river-sized pools!), hiking, horseback riding and even golfing. It’s a great place for groups with diverse interests.

3. Challenge Yourself with the Ascent of Zuma Rock, Abuja

Zuma Rock, one of the country’s most iconic natural wonders, is located in Niger State in northern Nigeria. This is obviously a getaway for our more outdoorsy girls- think hiking, golf, a bit of wildlife and lots of fresh air.

Climbing Zuma Rock takes around 5 hours and can be quite tricky but is well worth the effort – on a clear day, the peak of Zuma Rock offers an amazing 360 degree view of Abuja and the surrounding areas. Beginner’s tip: climbing on the east side of the rock can provide some great beginner routes.

You’ll also definitely want to pack the essentials for hiking- a climbing rope, helmet, hiking shoes and remember to bring comfortable clothes! Most importantly, you’ll need the company of an experienced climber so be sure to include one in your trip or ask the locals for a guide.

Nice bit of trivia for you: the rock is revered by the locals as a sacred rock. You’ll also get to see some antelopes while you’re there for our wildlife enthusiasts.

4. Wonder in the Wild at Owu Waterfalls, Kwara

Popularly called “the wonder in the wilderness” and located in Kwara State, Owu Waterfalls is the steepest natural waterfall in West Africa.

Ice cold water rushes over gorgeous rock formations surrounded by lush evergreens… talk about peaceful! Beyond the waterfall, the site also offers a stunning mountain range extending as far as Ekiti and Kogi State. Find your inner Steve Irwin and go searching for exotic birds, monkeys and reptiles. The natural flora and fauna have turned the waterfall into a nature seekers delight.

Owu waterfalls is also a favourite for family vacations so there is a wide range of accommodation options to suit any taste and budget.

5. Relax at Tarkwa Bay Beach, Lagos

This is always a given because who doesn’t love a good beach day. Tarkwa Bay is only accessible by a 15-minute boat ride and is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are fascinated by ships, a fun thing to do is take a walk along the beach where you can see massive cargo ships and several other smaller vessels passing by.  Also home to rusty shipwrecks, Tarkwa Bay provides excellent photo opportunities.

A 30-minute walk brings you to the 110-year old Lagos Harbour lighthouse located at a nearby beach called Lighthouse Beach; a great stop for history buffs. Don’t forget your towels, sunscreen,  floating pads, and beach balls- all essentials for a day at the beach.


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