We’re all generally aware of the habits we may have that are really unhealthy like drinking to excess, eating poorly, never hitting the gym and things like that.

But some habits that are damaging to your health can appear harmless, or even “healthy” on the surface. The issue is often moderation, as most things can be aggravating to your system in excess, even if they’re generally considered to be healthy.

So here are 5 habits that need to be done far less frequently or more intelligently.

1. Over-Exercising

Beware that overdoing exercise isn’t always better than not exercising at all — it has the potential to cause serious risks to the body. Your body needs sufficient time to recover after heavy workouts, so that it can repair any damage done to your muscles; a workout schedule without recovery time raises the risk of serious injury. The risks of serious over-exercise are real. Don’t just keep pushing through the pain; always remember to schedule in rest days, and pay attention to injuries and setbacks, schedule your workout days and give room for rest in between.

2. Skipping Breakfast-

You might think skipping breakfast makes you more focused, or that by skipping, you’re avoiding unhealthy breakfast foods in favor of a healthier lunch. Bad news: Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day, but it’s certainly a bad idea to skip it. Breakfast is a signal for your metabolism to start working at a higher level, so it can help with your energy.

Skipping breakfast has also been linked to higher cholesterol levels and a higher likelihood of diabetes, so stop skipping that breakfast and adopt healthy options like cornflakes, health shakes or even some yoghurt.

3. Taking Too Many Painkillers

You may think that taking painkillers is a good way to take care of yourself. Maybe you think it helps you stay active and healthy. But if you’ve been popping painkillers for every minor ache and pain, that’s a bad habit, and you need to break it — especially because it might be making your pain worse.

it’s easy to be trapped in a cycle of headache, medication, more headache, more medication if you don’t realize that the overuse is actually the cause of the pain. If you think you may be in this cycle, do some research and talk to a credible doctor.

4. Over-Brushing Your Teeth

Over-brushing is a genuine real problem and most people do not realize this. Going at your mouth intensely with your toothbrush may cause toothbrush abrasion, or a wearing down of the surface of the teeth and gums. You may wear back the gum to expose the sensitive root of the tooth, and also potentially brush through enamel to the nerve.

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