As the different Fashion Weeks continue around the world, styles on the streets are packing as much punch as those on the runway, especially for men. We have compiled a list of the hottest fashion trends, street style edition, and we dare you not to cop some.

  • All White Everything

Although this a risk for those fashionistas going out in the dusty roads, it is an elegantly bold look. There are simpler ways to channel elements of this trend, whether for week days or weekend. Pair white jeans with a white t-shirt, but break it with a black baseball cap for a monochrome look. Throw on some dark sunglasses to bring a bit more dimension to the plainness of all white. or just roll up your jeans for a relaxed take on the trend.


  • Statement Bomber Jackets

Whoever said men don’t do colours has no idea! Pair a bomber jacket in any colour of the rainbow with an all white or all black ensemble and rule the style street with this trend. Minimalist and conservative fashionistas can opt for this trend in darker colours. But the daring can play with this trend as long as the other pieces are paired perfectly, colour-wise.


  • Pajama Trend

Who doesn’t want to see a man in Pajama? This bedtime-inspired trend has stolen the hearts of the men to and we are here for all the creative ways that they are making this trend work.


  • Powder Blue Shirt

Don’t be in a haste to throw your white shirts out. Just rest them out as the new king is the powder blue shirts. A plus? It looks great on men of every shade. You can rock it as a casual or corporate outfit. You only need to look at the detailing, the cut, and the shade of powder blue you are most comfortable in.


  • Monochrome Print

The monochrome trend is one trend that is not going out of style…at least not now. From fun graphic shirts, to print pants and shorts. This trend looks so good on men we just don’t get it!


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