A while ago, Rapper Gucci Mane and his wife Keisha tied the know. It was a lavish affair complete with diamonds, endless champagne, and an unbelievable wedding cake. During a Behind-The-Scenes clip, Keisha is seen asking her fiancee what their budget is. He says that there is no budget.

The general reaction from a lot of women was that such a wedding would be every woman’s dream and that they would want a wedding like that. Most people, unfortunately, don’t have millions of dollars at their disposal to spend on a wedding. Regardless of this, many people still don’t mind breaking the bank for their big day. It’s even a running joke that many people spend a fortune on their weddings and end up broke afterward.

A lot of things come into play when deciding on a wedding budget. First and most important is the income of the couple. If you and your partner make and modest income, a society wedding is probably not what you should be going for. There is no need to spend what you don’t have on what you don’t need. Some people opted for modest weddings and went on to love out their fantasies years later in a renewal of the vows ceremony when the funds were available.


 There’s also the question of whether you need to go all out at all. After all, a simple wedding never killed anyone. Do you need to spend several fortunes on silk napkins?  Some would argue that a lot of wedding expenses could be channeled into more long-term investments such as a house or a car. At the same time, a wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and you should make yourself happy.

The simple answer to how much to spend on a wedding is as much as you can afford and how much you need to.

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