Many women wear makeup to enhance their beauty or cover up blemishes but nowadays have been made to feel insecure about it. We are harassed by society everyday as to what the  right amount of makeup to wear or that we wear make up because we are insecure. My Question is “Is there really a right or wrong way to wear makeup?”

I  took a survey on twitter, putting two pictures of myself together (one without makeup and one with makeup) and asked which looked better.

It ended up being a tie. There is no right or wrong way to wear make up. The myth of looking better with or even without makeup needs to stop. I don’t think i look uglier with or without makeup. It boils down to preference. Yes, some people can take it a little too far but we shouldn’t be the ones to judge or talk down on them.

Women and even Men have worn makeup for centuries. Everyone having their specific reasons why they do wear it. Wearing or not wearing does not affect how we feel inside. Yes, there are women who do wear it because they are insecure but there are a lot of other women that wear it just because they enjoy wearing it.

I personally use to wear it to feel more confident – it was like me painting a mask on of who I would love to look like for the time being covering up emotional and mental stress as well but now I wear it for fun. But apparently according to ‘research studies’, I’m not putting on the right amount of makeup. I should just apply a little powder and little blush on my cheeks and e on my way if I want to find a husband but the irony in the statement is men talk about how women put on way too much make up but will be the first to talk down on a girl’s looks when she does not wear makeup.

We are all beautiful regardless of whether we wear makeup or not. Let’s wire out brains that way



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