Some women have no hair on their legs and thus, shaving their legs is a foreign concept. For others, it is a part of daily or weekly life that cannot be avoided. Most shaving stick commercials depict shaving your legs are as easy, enjoyable process. Your average woman would disagree and counter that shaving isn’t a relatively easy process and can be quite uncomfortable, which leads us to the age-old question : How often should a woman shave her legs?


The answer to that is that there is no set-in-stone number of times a woman should shave as it differs from woman to woman. However, to make the process easier and injury-free, some steps should be taken.


First of all, you should endeavor to use a proper shaving cream. Some women opt for using bath foam for shaving purposes, but that isn’t sufficient. The shaving cream should be alcohol-free to prevent drying out the skin. The cream should be applied well over the surface to be shaved (it’s better to apply too much than too little).


Also, you should make sure to shave when you need to. Some women make it a habit of shaving a certain number of times a week, even when no new hair is present. This will only lead to redness and irritation.


Make sure you use a sharp and proper blade- and one dedicated strictly to shaving your legs. A number of shaving sticks are designed specifically for the legs, and theses should be invested in.

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