Who doesn’t want the soul sucking superpower that is the inevitable aftermath of possessing the most of alluring of eyes? The cut crease is a form of eyeshadow application which has been honed by the most delectable of seductresses and actresses to grace our tv screens, since the era of the outdated black and white films. This method of eyeshadow application involves applying a lighter shade of eyeshadow pigment to your eye lid and a darker color to your crease, which gives a defining division – or slice to your crease. Though more subtle in the golden days of Hollywood glitz, the makeup method has grown fiercer and more daring with knife-sharp edges, bedazzling and in your eye glitter and needle thin winged liners. Fulfilling its promise of endowing the wearer with bigger, brighter eyes that are just to die for, the cut crease eye look is simply breathtaking and is perfect for evening outings, date night-outs, red carpets and any other event which requires you leave your chill at the door and arrive with a face fully beat to stupendous perfection by the gods.


However, many people have tried and tried again but can’t quite create the perfectly cut crease. First thing to note is that you will not get it right the first time sweetheart and that is okay, practice, practice, never give up until you get the perfect cut!. Coca-cola plastic bottle lids, spoons and shadow shields flipped upside down have been employed as the extended helping hands lent to achieve this perfect crease symmetry.

Two amazing Youtube makeup gurus will be tutoring us on how to accurately achieve the perfect cut crease look without the help of the fore-mentioned beauty hacks (pro’s do not use hacks ladies!) for both the ladies with well defined creases and for the mamacita’s like myself with hooded eyes. Brace yourself ladies, your eyes are bound for a pro-beauty sexy, sultry redefinition.


Tutorial 1:

For the ladies with well defined eyes. Fast Forward to 4:oo for the cut crease tutorial. You can apply a tape along the edge of your eyelash line – eyebrow line for definition.


Tutorial 2:

For the ladies with beautiful hooded eyes.

And this ladies, is how you achieve the sultriest eyes of the century, cut crease style!



cred : Google Images, youtube – @Alissa Ashley, @An Knook

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