Without checking your calendar, the numerous ‘New week, New Goals’ posts on Facebook and Instagram are enough reminders that a new week has definitely begun. And while a number of things might try to slow down our ability to do what we set our minds to for this week like the ‘Monday blues’, traffic, and our ‘seemingly’ unending list of responsibilities, one of the biggest risks to our progress is Anger.

We all have been angry with, at least, one person at some point in our life so we are not strangers to the almost blinding power of anger. Especially when we feel that we were the wronged party and we deserve an apology. (Don’t we all?) But the reality is that, most times, we don’t get the apology and we tend to keep holding on to that hurt and anger without understanding how much all of that negative energy is draining us and hindering us from so many other things.

If you ask yourself why you are holding on to all that hurt and anger despite knowing that it is not good for you, you will not get any answer worth killing yourself for. Your honest answers will vary from ‘I don’t want to forget the anger so that I don’t get hurt again’ to ‘I am not yet ready to forgive them’. I truly understand these reasons and anymore that can be given, but I don’t think they are worth holding yourself and your beautiful future back for.

Now, I’m not saying that you should condone every bad behavior or wrong done to you. Far from it. That may lead to you being unnecessarily taken advantage of and we don’t want that. But what we want is an open heart, free from anger, that can take in all the positivity necessary to take on the future. And to do that, we need to forgive.

“What do you mean?! But they have not apologised!”

Yes. One of the biggest tests to your maturity is your ability to live above all of the things that happen to you and around you that have the power to hold you back. Being able to forgive is one of the greatest powers anyone can wield over themselves. If you find yourself struggling to forgive people, these steps can help you.

  • LET GO OF THE ANGER. Yes, it will be difficult. You can not condition yourself to forget the things that people did that hurt you, but you can choose to let go of how those wrongs made you feel. And that is the first step to freeing yourself.
  • ACCEPT THINGS FOR WHAT THEY ARE. The problem with accepting things for what they are is that we have a picture of what should be. But, if you can accept that you have been hurt, you were angry, and that you are now ready to let go of the anger, you have to accept that, with or without an apology, you are going to get over that mishap.
  • FORGIVE YOURSELF. This is the biggest part of it all. Forgiving yourself for everything that you did or did not do that led to what caused the hurt. Even if you did not contribute to what happened in any way, you need to forgive yourself for having being in that situation.

In life, you will definitely get hurt at different times, by different people, but your ability to rise above that hurt, forgive the wrong, and focus on the important things in your life will help dictate how much growth and achievement you will make in life.

Here’s to an amazing life…free of hurt and full of freedom, growth, and achievements.

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