Wow! Can’t believe it’s Valentine’s already! Lucky for you, we planned ahead for this day! We got you. Here are some tips on how to get that perfect red pout for Valentines (or just whenever you want a great looking red lippie!).

Step one involves a much needed, DIY lip scrub. Achieving that kissable pout starts with a crust-free base ladies! So……

  1. That old pot of petroleum jelly you have lying around will come in handy here. Mix about a coin size of Vaseline with a generous amount of granulated sugar and just scrub over your lips for a good 1minute or so. Wipe off with warm water and a flannel or cotton pad
  2. Apply your lip balm to soothe your now softer and smother lips
  3. The secret to a perfect red lip actually lies in the application. We always applied red lipstick using a lip brush in beauty school as instructed. This just ensures that the red lipstick doesn’t feather out of your lip frame, applies on as evenly as possible and stays within your lip pencil outline (if you like to use a pencil first). Also like magic, when applied like this you never get the red on your front teeth!
  4. Turn any lipstick from glossy to MATTE by simply applying translucent powder on your lip directly, using your finger or with powder brush while holding a thin piece of tissue over your lip, then just apply a second layer of lipstick 

Use these guidelines whether you are applying a matte liquid velvet, a lipstick, a gloss or even just a creamy lip liner! (Yes you can get away with just a red lip pencil in the shade ‘Cabaret’, ‘Rubis’, ‘Indian red’ or ‘Darling’). You could also just apply ‘Socialite’ lip glaze, a dazzling, shimmery glaze over your red lip pencil of choice.

Pictured is Fatima wearing ‘Rubis’ lip pencil with ‘socialite’ lip glaze on top.

Using ‘Sorbet’ lip gloss you could turn almost all your matte lipsticks to glossy by applying it on top. When worn on it’s own it gives a very subtle red, kissable glossy pout!

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