It’s the middle of the week, you woke up feeling slow and you are trying to catch up with everything you have to do and all that is happening. Don’t fret, you are not falling ill. You are only experiencing some form of mid-week productivity hump. Everyone has it sometimes and we have tips to help you overcome it.

  • Watch or listen to something funny: Laughter helps you ‘wake up’ to your surroundings and puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle your tasks for the day.

  • Take a break: Nothing longer than 10 minutes will be enough if you are at work. Go on the internet, read, shop, or just scroll down your Instagram feed. You will feel better.

  • Walk: As much as walking is an exercise, it is a great way to clear the head and mind from whatever was slowing you down. Helping you become more alert and focused on whatever you have to do.

  • Listen to music: This works all the time. Just plug in your headphones and get to work. Soon, you will forget about everything happening around you except your work.

  • If nothing works, indulge: Sweets lovers will, like me, will jump at chocolates. But, for your health, indulge in portions. Whether sweets or fruit, eat something that will make you happy to tackle your work.

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