I have always loved to travel. The idea of going somewhere new, breathing in a different air, eating different food, going out without knowing what to expect…all of that excites me. Until I remember that I don’t like flying. I have lost some great travel opportunities because of my fear of flying. I mean, I can endure the 45 minutes flight from Lagos to Abuja but nothing more.
But recently, my urge to travel began pulling at me again and I decided to take a chance on flying again. I talked to people about my fear and read books about overcoming the fear of flying and guess what? It was not bad. I found out that the fear was mostly in my head.

  • Talk to a Therapist – Fear begins from the mind. Talking to a Therapist can help reveal the root of the fear and help you deal with it and manage it.
  • Learn about safety feature – You fear of flying might be rooted in your fear of plane crashes. Learning about the safety features can help relieve the anxiety that cause the fear.
  • Learn about turbulence – One of the things that scare people about flights is turbulence. Understanding that turbulence is caused by shifts in wind and this wind changes affect birds too can help you expect it and deal with your fear when it happens.
  • Book the front seats in the plane – Like buses, bumps during a journey affect the rear end of the plane. Sitting in the front seat helps you avoid the worst of the turbulence effects.
  • Find what seat works for you – I prefer window seats, but I know someone who prefers aisle seats. Find what works for you and always try to book your flights on time so that you can secure that seat.
  • Visit the Cockpit – If you are one of the first people to board, ask the flight attendants (nicely) if you can say ‘hello’ to the Pilots. Meeting the crew will help build trust in them and help you have a more relaxed attitude throughout the flight.

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