Ever logged in to Instagram and the first post you see is from one of those beauty bloggers talking about spa day, facials, etc, and you are just there with your phone like “Aunty, I don’t have the money to splurge on all those products and treatments” but you know that, deep in your heart, you really want to treat yourself to some of those good stuff.

That used to be my struggle until I took matters into my hands and did something about it. And today, I am sharing tips on how you too can pamper yourself like a beauty blogger…in the comfort of your home.

  • Visit a Dermatologist. Or that your reliable Skincare Expert for recommendations on products that your skin needs now. Don’t go buying products that your skin does not need or that may react with your skin just because a beauty blogger swears by it. Research, get advice, and buy according to your skin’s needs.
  • Clean your house. Yes, clean up your house and wash your bedsheets and pillowcases. It defeats the purpose to spend all that money and time in pampering yourself just to get into bed with germs and bacteria. While at this, don’t forget to wash your towels.
  • Detox. This is as important as the last tip. True beauty radiates from the inside. If your system has crap, your skin is going to feel and look like crap. Try taking fruit-infused water daily, fruit or vegetable smoothies, or just eat some fruit daily. It helps you more than you know.

  • Set the mood. Set your favourite playlist, preferably some classical music, turn the lights low, use scented candles if you want. And if you like to be a little extra like me, have a bathrobe and some Champagne ready. That’s how the bloggers do it anyway, right?
  • Take off all your makeup. It’s just you now ladies, nothing to fear. Use a cleansing wipe, go in with a low pH cleanser that works for your skin, steam your face for not longer than 10 minutes, then use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin using circular motion. After which you can use a moisturizing and calming face mask to relax your face.
  • Now it is time for your nails. Using clean water that is as hot as you can manage it, add some sea salt or whatever softener works for you and soak you hands and feet in the mixture to help make it easy for you to take off dirt and dead skins from your hands and feet. When all the dirt and dead skin is off, redo your polish on your nails if you want to do it yourself or save it for a visit to the Salon.
  • Time to shave. Did I just hear “NO!!”? Honey, yes. I know that some people don’t like to take off the excess hair on some parts of their body and I’m not here to tell you to. So for this step, you can save it for the professionals or do it as best as you do it.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to scrub. Yes, a full body scrub before or after you take that warm bath is necessary. Not only will it help take off dead skin, it will help open up your pores for your products to go in and do their work.

Now, that you know how to pamper yourself at home like a beauty blogger, let us know how it was for you and how many compliments you got. Oh! Don’t forget to #PepperThem.

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