With barely enough time left to catch up with friends after work and all, one of the best ways to let your hair down, laugh, and catch up with friends is taking a group trip with them. All of that sounds great until you all begin to consider what it takes to plan a group trip. But, there is no need to fret, we have broken down the processes to make it easy for you and your friends to plan and have an amazing group trip.

  • Decide On Those Who Will Be Going Or And Those Who Will Not

Make sure not to start planning until the basics are decided upon and everyone has committed. Some people are not used to the practice of R.S.V.P, so, confirm those who will be leaving with the group from the beginning and those who will meet up with the group at a specific location.

  • Decide On Those Who Will Be Planners and Doers

One of the strongest parts of any group trip is having a planner or some. If you travel with planners, have them do their planning before you take the trip and after you’re done for the day. In fact, if they really like planning so much, leave them with the map and be sure that you will have a great trip as they always have ways of finding the best locations at every destination. Remember to let them know how much fun you are having on your trip though. That will motivate them to ensure that the trip is fun.

Doers have their own special quirks. They have so much fun just being there that they can never make a decision. If your group is all doers, appoint a decider. If you all have several strong personalities, you can each take turns being the decider.

  • Decide On Whether Or Not To Pool Everyone’s Travel Money Together

The financial implication of a trip is as serious a topic as the destination of that trip. When discussing the subject of the finances, the entire group must reach an agreement on how the money will be kept. If everyone decides to pool their money together, know that every purchase will be a debate. If everyone will keep an independent budget of their finances, then the group must advise themselves on the best way to keep their money to avoid anyone over-spending or losing it.

  • Shut Down the Electronics on a Trip

You’ve got the money taken care of, now comes the fun. Be efficient about it! You’re there to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. The best way to do that is by actually being there… being actually present. Being present is the path to enlightenment. Turn off your phone and enjoy where you are!

  • Align Your Trip Goals

When you travel with a group, people have different goals, even though they rarely realize it. Mine is usually to spend time with friends. While discussing the trip at the planning stage, find out what everyone’s travel goals are so that all the activities during the trip will be aligned to meet a great part of everyone’s goals in the least.

Acknowledge your goals before you start your day and structure your day so that everyone has a chance to get their goals met. Don’t try to force yourselves to do everything together unless your goals all align. That way, you will pursue your separate goals and still fulfill your group goals as well.

Let’s recap:

When going on vacation, let your planners plan, but only when it won’t detract from the experience. Give your doers a decider (or rotate the role) to keep them from getting stalled. Turn off your cell phone, enjoy yourself, and make sure you have something there to meet everyone’s goals.

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