Have you ever felt as though you couldn’t comfortably express yourself for fear of “offending” a man?

Have you ever felt as though the beautiful complexities that make up your being were somehow reduced to your menstrual cycle?

Have you ever dated a guy who dismissed your thoughts and concerns as just you being too sensitive?

Well you have encountered a misogynist. A man who is prejudiced against women. The sort of man that chooses not to see you but instead fixates on less accurate things like how your period governs your mood and clouds your judgement.

Here we explore the different kinds of misogynists to look out for. One of them being the man who scoffs at this post as a general male-banishing feminist agenda! Hello to you, sir!

The guy who knows your experiences more than you:

You can usually find these ones lurking under any number of women’s Instagram posts. They are the ones who choose to condescend to the woman by trying to explain to her about her life and her choices. They might tell you to cover up because that’s probably why you are single. They might tell you that your experienced difficulties at work are actually not valid because the man was “probably trying to help”.

The one who thinks women should and shouldn’t do certain things:

DO: put a cap on your earning so as to massage your partner’s ego.

DON’T: have too many likes on Instagram because this sends the wrong message (what?)

DO: look natural. Like you’ve got no makeup on.

DON’T : go all natural. Hair tied, chilling with no makeup on is an illusion if you don’t look like a video vixen apparently.

DO: be decent, God-fearing, successful (but not too successful, mind you), boring too friendly, be too active online, etc.

The one who thinks you’re cute for a **** girl:

“You know, you’re really pretty for a dark skinned girl.” I’m not usually into big girls but….” You know what bro….

The one who reduces your emotional spectrum to when your period is due:

Often wrong, these men somehow believe that a woman who shows emotion is just acting out because she is menstruating. While the link between one’s cycle and one’s emotions are often referenced and sometimes accurate, this is not an everyday occurrence. Sometimes, we get angry, upset, happy, excited. We are humans. We are more than allowed.

The ones who still thinks women have limits:

“I don’t want a female mechanic.” says he. “Why?” asks she. “Because that’s a man’s job.. ” argued he. “Based on the fact that boys weren’t told they had limitations but girls basically for one of like… five career moves in their lives?” asked she. “Well… when you put it that way…..” trailed he.

The one who believes he deserves to get paid higher than you:

This guy? Ignore him. Fight for your rights, sister. You deserve that equality. Your credentials say you do. Your work ethic says you do. Your years of hard work for that company says you do.

The one who thinks it’s OK to hire a man over you simply because you are a woman with functioning womb and a desire to One day have kids:

How dare you??!!

All that being said, there are some wonderful men out there, building other humans – regardless of gender – up! These are our tribe members. May we know them, may we celebrate them.

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