Fur is one of those clothing items that was created for glamour and nothing else. It is one those things you only ever put on when you want to cause drama. On par with pearls and stilettos, fur is a must-have in every woman’s closet and when done well, can make you the most-watched person in the room or on the street. There are a variety of ways to  put on a show with fur:


  • Accessorise It Big: Why stop at just a statement fur piece? Go all out show everyone that you did not come to play. Play up your look with no only fur but big and bold accessories like large glasses (a staple of front rows at runway shows) or large earrings. Why not do both?


  • Colour-Coordinate: To really stand out, consider making your entire ensemble a colour-pop. To do this, make sure everything you wear is the same colour as the fur itself.



  • Coloured Fur: Most fur comes in brown, black or white. This doesn’t mean that those are the only colours you can wear. A brightly-cloured fur coat gives an edgy, modern twist on the classic look and inappropriate for the younger lovers of fur.


  • Patterns: In the same vein as coloured fur, patterned fur is an artistic take on the trend and is probably a less dramatic and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


  • Dress Coats: Fur isn’t limited to jackets or coats. At the height of the glamazon movement in the 80s, the dress coat was the epitome of glamour. It was a simple cut that was made classy with the addition of fur. It ruled the runways and till the day is a classic.


  • Casual Fur: While fur is a glamour accessory, it can be used casually. Paired with simple every-day outfits like a tracksuit or sweatpants, it can come off as quite cosy.


  • Fur Hats: Because there’s no such thing as too much fur, this trend can be spread into other parts of an outfit. Fur hats scream glamazon and are just so extra.

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