Call me ‘Josephine the Dreamer’ or whatever. You know what, don’t. Just call me my name. But on my way to work this morning, I caught myself daydreaming that I won One Billion Naira in the lottery (I have never even played the lottery) and that I budgeted Ten Million Naira ONLY for travels alone. I woke up at this point but I can’t shake the dream of winning the lottery and having Ten Million Naira to spend on travels out of my head.

I have always wished to travel the world. To see different places, meet different people, and eat all kinds of food that all my senses approve of. Some of my favourite travel destinations are Kenya, South Africa, Greece, Jamaica, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Egypt, and France. I can’t seem to decide on where I want to go to first or when I will be able to find time for any kind of travel that is not work-related. But with a Ten Million Naira travel budget, here are some things I would love to do at some of my dream destinations.


But following my day-dream, if I had Ten Million Naira to splurge on travels, I would love to take a trip to Kenya first. No, I don’t want to go close to any animals (I’m scared of any living thing that has teeth…except humans naturally), but I would love to visit Kenya for cultural reasons. I have heard and read a lot about the Massai people and I can’t wait to meet them. I also want to visit the Goethe Institute and Alliance Francois for some firsthand experience of the Kenyan local art scene, and pop into the country’s National Museum and National Archives for some digging through records. I am still considering whether or not I would love to visit any of the wildlife parks or safaris as the mere thought of being close to wild animals raises the tempo of my poor beating heart, but if I’m courageous enough, a trip to the Nairobi National Park, the Elephant Orphanage, or the Nairobi Safari walk will round my trip up for me. But no matter how courageous I may get, I won’t go close to the Mamba Village, I have seen too many scary movies of how things can go from 1 to 100 around Crocodiles!


Next up would be France. Oui! Oui!! I would love to have dinner at the restaurant at the 11th floor of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Musee de Louvre and Musee d’Orsay, take a trip to Chateau de Versailles, try on vintage clothes at Didier Ludot, visit the Notre Dame Cathedral to relive my love for one of my favourite old cartoons, Hunchback of Notre Dame, sign up for one of those food tours, and maybe see the Annecy Lake. Haaa…should I keep going? Ha Ha…


I am a sucker for old movies, and those about ancient Rome are one of my favourites. I can’t wait to get to Greece and visit every ruin from the Acropolis to the Parthenon, visit any or all of the many archaeological Museums, take a trip to Venice, attempt to make it to the top seats of the Epidaurus Theater, and visit Mykonos. Santorini, Greece will be my last destination for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t want to wake up to breakfast by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea?

Those are the destinations I would travel to with Ten Million Naira to splurge on travels. Now it’s your turn to day-dream.

Where would you go with Ten Million Naira to splurge on travels?

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