Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and take a meditative trance on life’s attitude towards you; the falls, the faults, the purposelessness and ultimately the failures that is taking a strong grip and suffocating your progress.
How many times do we have to look back and regret our yesterdays? How many more times do we have to blame our failures and stagnation on people? Our parents? Relatives? Friends? How many more people are we going to accuse of a failing or two? Our lives have been designed with purpose. Now this phenomenon is intangible but has a strong force in our everyday life and how we go about it.
This purpose is locked inside of us and the key to opening it is in our everyday living; attitude to life, attitude to guised opportunities, consistency and hardwork. What do we fight for? Whom do we model after? Is there a blueprint to our lives? If these questions cannot be answered, then there is no purpose and when there is no purpose, there is no “You”. Your purpose defines your existence as a living being.

Success is the key

Purpose is in the doing, in the achieving, and in the becoming. It’s transient and progressive; never stagnant. We all want automatic lives, living on autopilot and wasting away. We endlessly play down the importance of time, and the fact that it waits for no one. Tick, tock, the clock ticks carrying with it precious seconds, priceless minutes, powerful hours, gracious days, awesome weeks, splendid months and endless years. It never stops, not now, not ever.

What is the purpose of your existence? What defines your life? What role are you playing in life’s movie? A passerby or a lead actor in your life’s script? It’s all in your hands. We have all been given a great opportunity to figure out our lives and design it in a way we deem fit. No one will run your race. Beware!
According to the great Muhammed Ali, “Suffer now, fight and live the rest of your life as a champion”. A word is enough for the wise!

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