A new week is upon us and so are the endless tweets, statuses and bemoanings of wanting another weekend or a longer weekend. People are already making plans about what they intend to do this coming weekend. Some are seeing a movie, visiting family, going shopping or simply going to the club. Friday night enthusiats are gearing up for another night out. However, one thing that shouldn’t be neglected in all of this talk is the simple option of staying in.


We are often told to have as much fun as possible, particularly when we are young. There is the pressure to see friends, explore malls and clubs or maybe just socialize. However, there is a need to stay away from all the chaos and just relax. This means staying home a reading a book, watching TV or just going to bed early.

There is a quote that says that you never remember the nights you stayed home and got plenty of sleep. To be honest, a lot of magic and memories can be made during those nights, You can meditate, read or just let go of everything and sleep. It is easy to get lost in the rush to do everything, but sometimes it is healthy to do nothing at all.

Mixed Race woman relaxing in bubble bath

So here’s to the stay-ins, the tucked-aways, the early nighters and the quiet souls on a Friday night.

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