As we evolve pass the notion that this is a man’s world, we see a bright future where the scales are completely balanced, an exciting future where we all play a part, and where we can create gender parity.

The International Women’s Day 2019 campaign pushes for grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance.In a gender-balanced world, we need to see rural women getting educated, not getting gas cookers, a world where women are looked up to and not looked down on.

There is still an obvious absence of balance but we still want to celebrate the presence of women in Nigeria who have pushed beyond the limits and stood out from the crowd.

The 2019 international women’s day theme, Balance for better, pushes for gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender-balanced sports coverage…

And to every woman who isn’t conforming to any form of limitation, we celebrate you

We had an interesting interview with a female taxify driver, Onyekachi. She shared with us her fears, perception, and how she was able to flourish in a male dominated sector.

Do you think Nigerian women are restricted by the society?

Generally, I will say yes…. Except the tough women who have stood the test of time….our society has made it that there are certain jobs that women should not venture into… Driving as a profession…

Time and time again, we have seen people plan to walk one path but end up on another. Before choosing to drive, what were you doing?

Oh yes… there is hardly a straight path when it comes to what one can do to be successful.. Either the economy is pushing one around… Before I started driving, I used to own a shop in broad street where I sell female wears from turkey, US and UK… But it wasn’t paying my bills due to the economy recession from 2015. And I knew I needed to do something else that will give me daily income….

In the course of your job, do you feel safe and secure and are there any extra precautions you have to take compared to the male drivers?

To be very honest I feel very safe.. I drive at anytime…. I used to work all day and night as my strength can take me..Lagos is relatively safe especially inland because that’s where you  get ride at anytime of the day. There is no extra precautions I take other than being security conscious… Know when not to go to some certain places and also try to check riders luggage before putting it in the boot.

What are the male and female responses like when they get you as their driver? Have there been any negative response and how were you able to deal with it?

Their response are quite different… You know this saying that women don’t support their fellow women? I get that a lot. Eg. ..I got this ride from a guy and he said he’s booking the ride for his mom. I got to the destination and the woman said, “oh I don’t want a female driver.” And I asked why she doesn’t want a female.  I was able to calm her down and I drove her safe to her destination .Very few female rider are so excited when they get female driver, they will take pictures with you and gist with you all the way…. But male riders 90 per cent are always friendly…The challenges are there but mine is to take a rider from one destination to the other safe and sound…

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