The Lagos dining scene is faced with a rapid rising cost of running a restaurant which has produced increasingly uniform restaurants, including breakfast houses, Italian spots, sushi parlors, steakhouses and casual joints.

Amid the tough realities of running a restaurant, restless Lagos restaurateurs and chefs are fighting against the mainstream-ization of food by opening up creative and challenging establishments. 

 An Indian/Thai restaurant opened it’s door to Lagosians, a few months ago. A boon to those who crave Thai Soup, Chicken Skewers, Tandoori Chicken, savory desserts and so much more.

As a food explorer, Yourfoodgeek decided to go check it out!

Beautifully decorated with well toned colors, nothing abrasive, with a sitting capacity for about fifty people, PEPPERCORN AVENUE  is nestled on a slightly busy and rough patched road off Admiralty Way, in Lekki. It has no parking space available within the premises, so you get to park outside and do a walk in. *Rolls Eyes*

 I must say I found the name pretty fascinating, knowing that peppercorns are small dried fruits that look like seeds and are usually crushed to produce pepper. They are commonly used as spices and seasonings. Black pepper is native to India and is extensively cultivated there. Little wonder when I asked what inspired the name this pretty much explained it. It was all about SPICES. Different types of spices from both the Indian Cuisine and the Thai Cuisine, as they both rely heavily on their unique spices. So in order to give it an aromatic feeling of spice, it was named Peppercorn Avenue. A place (in this case, a restaurant) where you experience the taste of different savory spices, not just from India but also from Thailand. (I think this is the first in Lagos)

Among the mixed dishes on the menu, which is divided into Indian and Thai Cuisines, I had the Som Tum Mamuang – Thai Green Mango Salad. (from the Thai Cuisine)  It was fresh and crunchy, neatly shredded to colorful long thin strips. The mix of red bell peppers, peanuts and green peppers, gave it a burst of tropical flavors – fruity, hot, sweet, sour and salty. 

Som Tum Mamuang – Green Mango Salad

This can be served as a whole meal for the Fit and Fab gang. Yes, I see you honey! Haha!

For my next meal, I decided to try a dish from the Indian Cuisine and so I opted for the Tandoori Barrel Potato which was served with three different dips; tamarind, sweet yogurt and the mint-coriander. 


Tandoori Barrel Potato

Three different dips; tamarind, sweet yogurt and the mint-coriander.

Let me quickly say that this was the highlight of my entire meal! I literally had a foodgasm on this one as it gave me a “bang”.  These are potatoes supposedly cut into shapes of barrels, uniformly scooped and stuffed with a blend of veggies and spices. They are coated with sesame seeds and delicately grilled in clay oven. It was well cooked and tender. nom nom Loved it.  

The desserts were as elaborated as the main dishes, which was worth noticing because it is so rare, as so many restaurants end up with a disappointing note. 

I went for the Mango Phirni. Now, before you start wondering what a Phirni is, it is a popular (North) Indian sweet pudding, made with rice, milk and dry fruits. It is a must in most Indian weddings or festive occasions or special celebrations. It can be eaten either warm or chilled. 

Mango Phrini

The Mango Phirni at Peppercorn Avenue, which had chopped mixed nuts (pistachios, walnuts, cashew nuts) was an ultimate comfort dessert in a glass. It was rich and creamy with a fruity sweetness. It had an aroma that was nicely intoxicating. 

After my meal, I kindly requested to meet the talented Chef behind these beautiful dishes and a clearly happy Chef walked in. Chef Jagdish has over 20 years of experience and he is very passionate about using raw products and transforming them into something that makes people like me come together and be happy. 

I had a memorable experience at Peppercorn Avenue. The ambience is beautiful for cozy meals, business lunches, family dinners and more. The wait staff was knowledgeable, attentive and helpful in every way. 

The rainy season may come as a bother to many, but there are ways to enjoy the cold with the Indian/Thai Soup at Peppercorn Avenue. The spices are healing and leave you with a warm feeling. I’d say, hot chocolate is to winter what Thai/Indian cuisine is to rainy season! 

Peppercorn Avenue

6A, Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Crescent

Off Admiralty Way

Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos

+234 808 972 7313

Monday. –

Tuesday – Sunday : 12:30 – 23:00

It is advised that you make a reservation during the weekends.

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