Kids Kids Kids!!

The miracle of child birth is still unmatched. Being able to carry another living being in you for 9 months and bring another life into the world. All you dream of is to nurture and care and raise that child to be the best he/she can ever be – but the question always being asked Is there a right way to raise a child?

Everyone has an opinion on what they feel is right to raise a child. You have most parents in the western part of the world that don’t believe in spanking their kids and you have parents in the more tradition countries like Nigeria, Senegal, etc saying “spare the rod and spoil the child” .

We sat down with two mothers that told us how they deal with stopping neediness in a baby and this is what they said

I like my daughter cry. She needed to learn what it meant for me not to be around and she eventually stopped crying and for used to it. If you keep carrying them  they wouldn’t get it and will just keep crying every time you leave.

– Kanyin

The second mother had a completely different approach.

I can’t let my babies cry, it hurts my heart too much. They are okay with me not being around but I didn’t have to leave them to cry for them to get use to me not always being around .


You see the difference.  Two very different mothers but they got the same end results they were looking for. There are so many things that we could dissect and try and find a right way to treat our kids to be the best in society but there is really not a right or wrong way.

P.S: Definitely not advising anyone to teach their kids to do drugs or drink or dress inappropriately to attract men. This is just the fundamentals on raising your kids.

Every new mother reads through books and blogs searching and studying every ‘right’ way to raise a child. They are sure by reading everything they can find, they’d know and do better. But mothers, give yourself a break. There’s no right way to raise a child. There are mothers that spank their kids and they still turn out wayward and there are mothers that pet their kids and they become great  and responsible. We as human beings all have a sense of right from wrong, your job as a parent is to show love and guide your children the best you can. Don’t take someone else’s tips on how to raise a child, it doesn’t always work.

Always remember that every child comes in with his or her own unique soul and soul’s journey. One might be highly sensitive, another very outgoing, another affectionate, another inward. What rolls off one child’s back feels deeply violating to another. As parents, it is your job to tune into what your particular child needs rather than following a single way of parenting. One child may need clear boundaries and consistent discipline, while another needs to feel free to follow his or her own inner voice. Be a loving parent not an instructor and let your inner self guide you – it’s hardly ever wrong.

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