The word entitled is probably not a good one to use. It changes things. It falsely gives us hope that we as individuals deserve certain privileges, when in actuality-we do not. When we date individuals, that sense of entitlement makes us feel that we should have access to all parts of them but that’s not right.

For a solid and healthy relationship, trust and privacy are both needed. Your significant other should be able to live life without you knowing every single thing to a t. There should be some sense of trust that you know they are good even when you don’t know what happening. You two had separate lives before you started your relationship and you should still be able to be individuals even as a couple. I’m not saying you can’t let your partner in but it shouldn’t be forceful. If you’re comfortable with it, why not !

There are couples who are fine with having each other’s passwords. Some aren’t. Different strokes for different folks. Each relationship is different. You have to go with what works for you.

In my experience, when your significant other is incredibly protective of his/her phone, chances are there are things he/ she is trying to hide. I’m not saying it’s a fact but the odds are pretty stacked against you. At the same time, you shouldn’t be panicking. Just have a conversation and ask what’s happening. If they are reluctant, then make a move but have access to their phones wouldn’t change anything.

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