The holidays are coming, the last banana bread has been baked and we are starting to look optimistically to 2021. Whether 2020 was a hit or a miss in your book, we all want to start the New Year off on the right foot, and 2021 is all about streamlining. Streamlining your work, your daily routines, every aspect right down to your haircare routine.


For many of us wash day is something of a chore, some spend a full day in the quest for healthy hair and luscious locs. By streamlining the process and sticking to a time limit it’s easy to cut down that time and save yourself the better part of a day. The more you do it, the quicker you become.

We’ve come up with a short routine to help you get started.


Detangling your hair before you start to wash is a no-brainer. This one small step alone will save you so much time in the steps to come. Section your hair into four or six parts, then go in with Cantu’s Coil Calm Detangler. The slippy formula even starts to condition your hair while gently getting rid of all knots and tangles, and it’s great before and after washing. The amount of time spent detangling depends on the length of your hair but in the long run, it’s worth sparing a few extra minutes to get your washday started right.


Sectioning your hair before detangling is a great way to keep your hair tangle-free while saving time on washing. Cantu’s Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo lathers up into a rich creamy foam that cleanses and moisturizes while also reducing breakage.

Lather, rinse, repeat; a mantra we all know and live by, but did you know that you don’t necessarily have to repeat?! If you use a co-wash like Cantu’s Complete Conditioning Co-Wash in-between washdays then there won’t be much product built up on your hair, and you can just lather and rinse once!


This is one of the longer steps but again worth the time spent. Deep conditioning with a masque takes a maximum of 30 minutes for full hair shaft penetration, but on days where you are short of time applying heat works a treat. Cantu’s Deep Treatment Masque is made with shea butter and is an intense repair treatment that also adds vital hydration. Follow with a cool water rinse to seal in the moisture.


Another stage where having your hair pre-sectioned saves you time. Apply a generous amount of Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream starting from your ends and working back to the roots. Comb through and you’re ready to style in minutes!

5. STYLING – 5-45 MINS

Now the amount of time you spend styling your hair really does depend on what style you’re feeling that day, and how much time you have. A simple wash’n’go or beautiful bun might take you 10 minutes maximum to style. A generous dollop of Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream smoothed into each section of your hair immediately reduces frizz, conditions, and leaves you with defined, soft curls perfect for those times you need to literally wash and go. Styles like Twists or Bantu Knots take a bit longer so be sure to plan your time accordingly.

And there you have it. On a good wash day you could go from frizzy to fabulous in just over an hour if you opt for a simple styling choice! Wash day no longer needs to mean all day; as Queens our time is precious, but that doesn’t mean our crown of curls can’t look luscious as we slay the day.

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