With the long weekend and holiday comes lots of food, drinks, and extras that convert to stubborn pounds that have no plans to leave no matter how hard we pray, fast, and diet. That doesn’t mean that we should go on hunger strike just to stay fit during and after the holiday.

Here are tips to help you stay fit through this holiday without missing out on ‘all’ the food and goodies that have been prepared at home.

  • Help with the chores – Rather than vegging out in front of the television while catching up with the goings on in the lives of every relative that came visiting, help with the chores, volunteer to go buy stuff that’s needed at home from the supermarket, etc. Moving around will help you put off some pounds.
  • Take a walk with your friends/family – Take advantage of the good weather to go walking with your friends/family. Get some fresh air, enjoy the scenery around, while engaging in some interesting conversations. It’s a great way to work out without it feeling like a work out.
  • Go to the beach – A walk or jog along the shore will not only calm you, it will help clear your head and help you relax before the next work day.
  • Go cycling – Thanks to the holiday, the roads are quite devoid of traffic. Take advantage of the free road and cool weather to go cycling.
  • Walk some more – Take every excuse to walk; to the store and everywhere else.

No matter what you do, just keep moving to keep the excess weight off.

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