So, you’re a distracted person who’s trying to get through life without accidentally killing someone. Fair enough. But it’s a bit of a task. You forget food on the stove, forget about that thing you were supposed to do five minutes ago and once got into ahold cab and forget where exactly you were supposed to be going to. Your forgetful nature and easily distracted nature seems to be here to stay, but what can you do? Navigating the world as a distracted person isn’t easy, but can be helped.

1. Plan ahead. The benefit of being forgetful is that you know you will forget in the future ( are you following?). So it’s best to combat your forgetfulness before it happens. One day during the weekend, lay out all your outfits for the week, including jewelry. By doing this, you won’t have to remember the night before and be mustered in the morning. Do as much work as you can before work to combat office distraction. Commit to certain things such as a purchase beforehand so as not to forget.


2. Reminders; from sticky notes to phone alerts, reminders are your best friend I’d you forget easily. Post sticky notes on your bedroom mirror and anywhere else you visit in the morning. Have reminders update you on things you need to do.


3. Listicles: make several Listicles and visit them before leaving home: make a checklist that reminds you of everything you’re supposed to take with you. Make one for work, church, school, outings, and functions. No more getting to work and realizing that you forgot your purse. also make lists of what you are supposed to do, from chores to recreations acidity es. With this, you’re less likely to leave the oven unwashed for weeks at a time.


4. Utilise others; don’t be afraid to ask someone to remind you. Particularly at work. Everyone’s lives will be easier if you allow someone else check in and remind you about certain important tasks ahead.


5. Write it down: did you suddenly remember that thing you were supposed to do? Wrote It down immediately. Don’t bank on the hope that you’ll remember later ( we all know that’s not happening). Take care of tasks as soon as you can and don’t believe that you will remember later.

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