KICKING BUTS? HaHaHa! Don’t take that in its literary form, because it is not the act of physically lifting foot to peoples’ derriere, instead in the words of the author of “Time to Kick-But” Rosie Pekar, an Australian professional coach and catalyst in changing mind via challenging thought processes “B-U-T” stands for Bloody Useless Thoughts that hold us back. Every time we use that word B-U-T it’s the greatest limitation that ever existed. She said Life is not about giving up, it’s getting up and it’s about BEING.

Procrastination, they say is a thief of time and in my lifetime, those BUTS have stolen a lot from me and I am sure I am not alone… like many others I want to be assured of success first before I make a move, it’s like wanting God to appear to me and assure me that the venture I am about to embark on will not fail before I embrace it, even though I know that many of the stories of successful persons have been the story of kicking BUTS. It becomes even worse when we try at first and do not succeed. Failure then becomes our reason to fail. We then have some very good excuse for the big fat BUT.

In Pekar’s words “Failure gives more enthusiasm and energy to get back in and have another go! We embrace failing as kids do”. Kids fall off repeatedly when learning to ride a bike but it doesn’t stop them. This is part of the process of getting it right but when adults ‘fall off’ in life, some stop living. Looking back at the dream that birthed Genevieve 12 years ago, I believe that one of the best things I did not to overanalyze it, I simply dived into it and didn’t even come up for air till the first issue hit the street. By our fifth edition I had every reason to call it quits but I was already kicking BUTS without being aware that was what I was doing.

The more I kicked against those BLOODY USELESS THOUGHTS the more my heart sank at the thought that one day I may really have no choice but to quit…but I fought and kicked and I am still fighting and kicking. The good news is I am winning. We all have got to face those demons with a positive attitude. A few years ago I suffered depression; it was a harrowing period of my life. I was depressed and didn’t know it although the cloud of heaviness around me should have been enough pointers to my state. I couldn’t understand how someone like me who had everything going for her could succumb to depression.

The biggest challenge was pretending everything was fine when even my socialization skills suffered a major setback. Inspite of what was going on in my life then I stayed strong, I was undefeated and had no doubt that I would beat it. I did. With depression, the mind becomes a battlefield and you’ve got to have the will power to snap out of it. When life throws us a wicked curve, the tendency is to watch ourselves go under while all the BLOODY USELESS THOUGHTS take us hostage.

In life we have to let go things that attempt to sink us because we have to be alive to fight another day. Those BLOODY USELESS THOUGHTS that Pekar talks about soon become things in our heads (thoughts become things) and if we don’t clear our heads, these thoughts become monsters. There is no time like now to begin to kick those B-U-T…Kick out all those limiting thoughts and not even failure should limit you. Fail, the way children do, they get up no matter how bad they fall…adults just tend to wallow in it.

Remember, life is not about giving up but about getting up.

First published in March 2015 from Genevieve Magazine.

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